Crestview Hills Zoning Ordinance

The city contracts with the Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (PDS)  for building inspections and plan review; however, you must also submit a minimum of three (3) copies of the plans to the City Building with a building permit. The Crestview Hills Zoning Ordinance provides Zoning Maps, fence, swimming pool, setback requirements, etc.

Zoning Map

  • Crestview Hills Zoning Map
  • As you zoom in on the zoning map, zoning layers, parcels and other data will become visible.  You will then have access to all the data and tools on the PDS LINK-GIS map viewer.

Zoning Ordinances

PDS maintains the zoning ordinances for the city of Crestview Hills. Access all the zoning ordinances for Crestview Hills by viewing Crestview Hills Zoning Code.