Police Authority



Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of the month



  • Bill Dorsey
  • Dave Kramer
  • Ed Wise (ALT)

About the Committee
Created in 1968, the Lakeside Park and Crestview Hills Police department provides public safety services to both communities and is overseen by a Police Authority. 
The Police Authority Committee provides direction and oversight of the Lakeside Park- Crestview Hills Police Authority and works in conjunction with appointees of the City of Lakeside Park .  Each year, the Chairmanship of the Police Authority rotates between the two communities as does the number of members serving on the Authority (2 or 3 members each year). 

The Chairperson of this committee will also sit on the board of Lakeside Park - Crestview Hills Police Authority Board.

The committee advises the Mayor and Council Members on issues related to public safety and actions taken by the Lakeside Park-Crestview Hills Police Authority.  The Police Authority also reviews and approves police department staff performance evaluations, salary and benefits and departmental budget.