Police Department

Police Department

Crestview Hills’ police services are provided through a joint venture between the City of Crestview Hills and Lakeside Park. The City of Crestview Hills contracts with the Lakeside Park/Crestview Hills Police Department.  The Police Department is currently staffed with twelve officers and one police clerk. 

Currently, the Police Authority offers a number of programs to citizens of Crestview Hills and Lakeside Park. This includes a citizen observer program to allow residents to observe patrol operations, a citizen’s academy to educate citizens about policing efforts, and finally a self-defense class for women. If interested in any of these programs, please visit the Police Authority’s website. 

The Department also provides specific services geared towards safety, which includes child car-seat installation checks and vacation house checks for those making extended stays out of town. 


Discussed between the Crestview Hills and Lakeside Park city councils in 1968, these two cities formed the first Police Authority in the Commonwealth. The Chief of Police answers to the Authority Board which is comprised of five members of the respective councils, each council alternates years of majority. The police authority was granted a five-year certificate of accreditation by the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police in 2002 and was re-accredited for another five years in 2012. 

It is the mission of the Crestview Hills-Lakeside Park Police authority to form a partnership with the community and work within that partnership to maintain the public peace and improve the quality of life by providing fair and impartial police services in a professional manner.