Public Works

Crestview Hills Public Works

The Crestview Hills Public Works Department is responsible for constructing and maintaining the City’s entire infrastructure, including streets, storm sewers, and public properties. The Department also is responsible for landscaping and lawn maintenance of medians and city property. 

The Public Works Department’s strives to provide a quality environment for the City of Crestview Hills and its residents and businesses and ensures that the City’s roadways, streets, and other infrastructure are safe, clean, and attractive.

Kenton County Public Works - Snow Removal

The City of Crestview Hills contracts with the Kenton County Public Works Department for snow removal.  We ask that during a snow event residents move their cars off of city streets to allow our crews to more safely and efficiently remove snow and ice. In the event a Snow Emergency is declared, all cars must be removed from all city streets and not just those with snow emergency signs.

The City's Snow Emergency routes are:
-Horsebranch Road
-Thomas More Parkway
-Town Center Blvd.
-Lookout Farm Drive

Current Projects

1. Vernon Drive Reconstruction (expected start date the week of September 18th - project was delayed due to a conflict with existing utilities that needed to be lowered to allow for the street construction)

Reconstruction of the roadway, installation of edge drains and storm sewer system.  This project is located along Vernon Drive from 120 Summit Drive to 149 Rossmoyne Avenue in the City.

2. Conversion of Residential Streetlights throughout the city to LED for cost and energy savings (Summer 2023)

3. City of Edgewood/Campus Drive (between Dudley Rd and Varsity Ct) Storm Water Improvements (Starting construction around the end of September 2023 due to delays)

City of Edgewood is installing catch basins along Dudley to help manage water runoff which will benefit residents of Campus Drive and Varsity Court.

4. Horsebranch Road Roadway Stabilization Project - completed

5. Duke Energy Transmission Main Replacement (Spring 2024)

More information to come.

Contact John Scheben or Alex Mattingly with any questions.

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