There are approximately 1,300 homes in Crestview Hills, situated in 5 areas and include: Old Crestview (the oldest residential development in Crestview Hills), Lookout Farms, College Park, Legends Way, and Crown Point, our newest subdivision. The Towne Properties Homeowner Association manages condominiums and apartment properties within Lookout Farms, Mansion Place, and Summit Lakes.

The city’s residential areas include a mix of single-family residences and townhomes. Adjacent cities and neighborhoods include multi-family housing and apartments. 

City Road Map

 City of Crestview Hills - Housing Information
Average home cost $167,854
Average number of days a home is on the market 80 days
Median household income (2013) $64,933
Estimated median house value (2013) $179,215
City of Crestview Hills - Homes Per Neighborhood
Old Crestview 166 Homes
Lookout Farms 158 Homes
  390 Condos
College Park 177 Homes
Summit Lakes 32 Homes
  101 Condos
Grandview Summit Apartments 216 Apartments
Valley View Apartments 26 Furnished Apartments 
  18 Unfurnished Apartments 
Rose Terrace 18 Homes
Crown Point 42 Homes