RV, Trailer, and Boat Storage

As outlined in the City of Crestview Hills Code of Ordinances, the outside storage of any trailer, RV, mobile home, camper, boat or other such type of equipment shall be regulated as follows:

  1. For such equipment of 18 feet or less in length, it may be stored outside on a hard surface in the rear yards of residential lots with side and rear yards being maintained.
  2. For such equipment greater than 18 feet in length may be stored within an enclosed garage or rear yard as approved by the zoning administrator (contingent on location and visibility).

Also, concerning the time-frame of storage, any such recreational-type equipment may be permitted on hard surfaced driveways during the period from June 1 through the following September 1 for no more than 14 days, as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Required off-street parking spaces are available in addition to the space used for the recreational equipment
  2. Stored equipment shall not extend over any property or right-of-way line.
  3. No storage of recreational equipment is permitted within driveways in the front or side yards during the period from September 2 through May 31 of the next year.