Why Crestview Hills?

Conveniently located along Interstate 275, a short distance from the I-275/I-75 Interchange and in close proximity to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport; Crestview Hills has proven to be a smart choice for businesses over the past 30 years. With over 300 businesses located throughout Crestview Hills, it is no wonder that our combination of low taxes, responsive and high quality services, and ideal location attract a number of companies to Crestview Hills. 

Since incorporation in the 1950s, Crestview Hills has experienced steady growth. When the Thomas More Research Park was completed in the 1980s, business growth took off as companies like Columbia Sussex Corporation, St. Elizabeth Physicians, Bank of Kentucky, DBL Law and Waltz Business Systems have now headquartered in Crestview Hills. Other major employers in the area have also begun expanding into the Research Park including Cincinnati Children's Hospital and St. Elizabeth Health Care.  
Columbia Sussex Office Building.jpg
Moreover, many retail companies have taken notice of this development and moved to the redeveloped Crestview Hills Town Center. Opened in 2006, this upscale retail lifestyle center continues to be the destination point for diners and shoppers in the Northern Kentucky region.  Few cities in the region our size can boast of such a diverse landscape; including an active business and retail sector, heralded college, recreational amenities, and highly livable neighborhoods.
"We selected Crestview Hills for the convenience of being in proximity to the interstate, downtown Cincinnati and the airport; enabling us to meet with our clients easily, whether they are right down the street or across the globe."

-Flottman Company

If you are still questioning whether Crestview Hills is the place to locate or start your business, here are just a few advantages of joining our community: 
  • Low tax rates and excellent government services
  • No motor vehicle or personal property taxes
  • Access to an educated, experienced workforce
  • Lower Occupational License Fees and Net Profit Taxes
  • A prime location close to downtown Cincinnati and CVG Airport
  • Two exits along I-275
  • No insurance premium tax
Crestview Hills prides itself on our business friendly approach.  We seek to help you grow and prosper in your business and create a local environment conducive for that growth.  Please feel free to contact the City Administrator with any questions, suggestions, or areas in which you need assistance.  Click here to download a fact sheet.
 "The City of Crestview Hills provides a safe and easily accessible center for the juggling parent. The convenience of shopping and eateries in one area makes for a great day out with family. You feel as if you escaped to the countryside even though the city is just minutes away with the beautiful surroundings. Crestview Hills Town Center provides a safe haven for the busy parent."  

- Children’s Outpatient Northern Kentucky, in partnership with St. Elizabeth Healthcare 

On November 7, 2019 the City hosted our annual Business Managers’ Meeting for the Office Park. Speakers included: Derek Haught with Columbia Sussex, Dr. Joseph Chillo the new President of Thomas More University, Ami Blackburn (Coordinator of Operations) with Caroline Colvin (Physical Therapist and Coordinator of OTPT), Grant Poston (Physical Therapist) and Derek Roylance (Physical Therapist) with Children’s Hospital, and Tim Williams City Administrator of The City of Crestview Hills. Discussion topics included the Children’s Hospital services and benefits of Physical Therapy along with future directives, KYTC Turkeyfoot Road Congestion Project, and the new location of Crestview Hills Summer Concert Series along with sponsorship opportunities.

We believe these annual meetings of the business managers and owners provide a forum to discuss issues of common concern and provide more business-to-business contacts within the Office Park.