City Staff

City Administrator

Alex Mattingly - Joined the City in February of 2021

General Duties:

  • Acts as the lead Economic Development Officer for the City
  • Oversees development and implementation of the City budget as directed by the Mayor
  • Investigates legislative issues and coordinates agenda with Mayor for City Council meetings
  • Acts as Zoning Administrator in reviewing and approving commercial or residential building permits and zoning matters
  • Acts as Liquor Administrator in reviewing establishments for conformance
  • Supervises City staff and oversees the Public Works department
  • Negotiates contracts for various City services
  • Plans, assists, and monitors committee meetings
  • Interacts with residents on matters of concern and ordinance issues
  • Maintains working relations with members of City Council and the Mayor
  • Works with developers and private sector businesses to ensure conformance with City Ordinances and Zoning Code
  • Calculates project costs and lists with appropriate committees for budgeting purposes


  • International City/County Management Association
  • Kentucky City/County Management Association
  • Northern Kentucky City/County Management Association
  • Licensed Member, Kentucky Bar Association

Finance Officer/Treasurer

T.J. Holtman Joined the City in January of 2018

General Duties:

  • Assists City Administrator and Mayor in preparation of annual budget
  • Manages the annual audit process
  • Assists in compiling the City’s newsletter, The Eagle’s View
  • Maintains and researches as necessitated health, dental, general liability, building, and fleet insurances
  • Advises Mayor and City Administrator on financial and legal responsibilities, annual legislative changes, and annual GAAP and GASB updates
  • Negotiates rates of returns on investments
  • Performs daily, monthly, and annual accounting duties
  • Partners with the Kenton County Fiscal Court for information regarding domiciled or transient businesses and related business taxes
  • Maintains the City website
  • Handles citizen concerns and delegates or cooperates with other employees and municipal agencies to resolve
  • Investigates, coordinates, and provides support for recreational activities


  • Governmental Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA)
  •  Kentucky Government Finance Officers Association
  • Northern Kentucky Government Finance Officers Association (NKGFOA) - President

City Clerk

Sanela Dautovic Joined the City in December of 2019

General Duties: 

  • Attends all Council meetings and keeps accurate record of Council proceedings. Ensure legal notification of public hearings and meetings for City Council in accordance with State meeting laws.
  • Sign and maintain ordinances, resolutions, minutes, municipal orders, agreements, contracts, and other official City Documents.
  • Provide public information and records upon request in compliance with Kentucky's Open Records Law.
  • Compose, update, and administer policies and procedures to maintain compliance with State laws, including records retention and management and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Serve as the custodian for all official records and public documents.
  • Prepare Proclamations for Mayor's signature.
  • Coordinate all required publishing for City, including public notices, and maintain affidavits of publication.
  • Act as recording secretary for City's Board of Adjustment meetings.
  • Coordinate with TBNK for broadcast and recording of Council meetings and other public meetings.
  • Serve as a Notary Public for the City.
  • Receive and process both mail and walk-in payments and miscellaneous receipts.
  • Assist in the preparation, filing and mailing of real estate tax bills.
  • Broad understanding of City activities and initiatives and ability to field inquiries.
  • Work with Administrative Assistant and City Administrator in developing and mailing out a quarterly newsletter to City residents.
  • Answer phones, responds to citizen requests, on the phone and in person.
  • Assist other City personal in City special events.
  • Other duties as assigned by the City Administrator.


  • Northern Kentucky Municipal Clerks Association 
  • Kentucky Municipal Clerks Association

Deputy City Clerk

Stacy Corwin Joined the City in April of 2019

General Duties:
  • Answers telephone calls, routes calls to appropriate City personnel or responds to citizen questions, greets customers, receives tax and other miscellaneous payments, and provides permits for garage sales, overnight parking, etc.
  • Assists Finance Officer/Treasurer in data entry and processing of bank deposits, accounts payables and property taxes. 
  • Assist in the preparation, filing and mailing of real estate tax bills.
  • Sorts and opens mail, types and prepares correspondence, and files City records.
  • Assist City Administrator in preparation and distribution of City Committee agendas and correspondence.  
  • Staffs meetings and drafts minutes for assigned boards and committees.
  • Plans and manages special events sponsored by the City, as assigned by the City Administrator.
  • Serves as backup for City Clerk in regard to staffing City Council meetings and preparing City Council minutes.
  • Manages or coordinates various projects as assigned by the City Administrator or the Mayor.
  • Coordinates City Alcoholic Beverage Control license issuance and renewal.
  • Coordinates City communications, including City newsletter, web site, social media, and electronic sign content.
  • Basic understanding of City activities and initiatives and ability to field inquiries from the public.
  • This employee is encouraged to be active in the local and state municipal clerk organizations.
  • Other duties as assigned by the City Administrator


  • Northern Kentucky Municipal Clerks Association 
  • Kentucky Municipal Clerks Association

Contracted Services

City Attorney:

Mary Ann Stewart with the firm Adams Law


City Engineer:

 Michael Yeager, Prime AE Engineers

Building Inspector and Zoning consultant: 

Planning and Development Services of Kenton County

                                                          phone: 859-331-8980   fax: 859-578-7964