City Staff

City Administrator

Alex Mattingly - City Administrator

General Duties:

  • Acts as the lead Economic Development Officer for the City
  • Oversees development and implementation of the City budget as directed by the Mayor
  • Investigates legislative issues and coordinates agenda with Mayor for City Council meetings
  • Acts as Zoning Administrator in reviewing and approving commercial or residential building permits and zoning matters
  • Acts as Liquor Administrator in reviewing establishments for conformance
  • Supervises City staff and oversees the Public Works department
  • Negotiates contracts for various City services
  • Plans, assists, and monitors committee meetings
  • Interacts with residents on matters of concern and ordinance issues
  • Maintains working relations with members of City Council and the Mayor
  • Works with developers and private sector businesses to ensure conformance with City Ordinances and Zoning Code
  • Calculates project costs and lists with appropriate committees for budgeting purposes


Finance Officer/Treasurer

T.J. Holtman Joined the City in January of 2018

General Duties:

  • Assists City Administrator and Mayor in preparation of annual budget
  • Manages the annual audit process
  • Assists in compiling the City’s newsletter, The Eagle’s View
  • Maintains and researches as necessitated health, dental, general liability, building, and fleet insurances
  • Advises Mayor and City Administrator on financial and legal responsibilities, annual legislative changes, and annual GAAP and GASB updates
  • Negotiates rates of returns on investments
  • Performs daily, monthly, and annual accounting duties
  • Partners with the Kenton County Fiscal Court for information regarding domiciled or transient businesses and related business taxes
  • Maintains the City website
  • Handles citizen concerns and delegates or cooperates with other employees and municipal agencies to resolve
  • Investigates, coordinates, and provides support for recreational activities


  • Governmental Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA)
  •  Kentucky Government Finance Officers Association
  • Northern Kentucky Government Finance Officers Association (NKGFOA) - President

City Clerk

Sanela Dautovic Joined the City in December of 2019

General Duties: 

  • Attends all Council meetings and keeps accurate record of Council proceedings. Ensure legal notification of public hearings and meetings for City Council in accordance with State meeting laws.
  • Sign and maintain ordinances, resolutions, minutes, municipal orders, agreements, contracts, and other official City Documents.
  • Provide public information and records upon request in compliance with Kentucky's Open Records Law.
  • Compose, update, and administer policies and procedures to maintain compliance with State laws, including records retention and management and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Serve as the custodian for all official records and public documents.
  • Prepare Proclamations for Mayor's signature.
  • Coordinate all required publishing for City, including public notices, and maintain affidavits of publication.
  • Act as recording secretary for City's Board of Adjustment meetings.
  • Coordinate with TBNK for broadcast and recording of Council meetings and other public meetings.
  • Serve as a Notary Public for the City.
  • Receive and process both mail and walk-in payments and miscellaneous receipts.
  • Assist in the preparation, filing and mailing of real estate tax bills.
  • Broad understanding of City activities and initiatives and ability to field inquiries.
  • Work with Administrative Assistant and City Administrator in developing and mailing out a quarterly newsletter to City residents.
  • Answer phones, responds to citizen requests, on the phone and in person.
  • Assist other City personal in City special events.
  • Other duties as assigned by the City Administrator.


  • Northern Kentucky Municipal Clerks Association 

Contracted Services

City Attorney:

Mary Ann Stewart with the firm Adams, Stepner, Woltermann, & Dusing
                             phone: 859-291-7270   fax: 859-291-7902

City Engineer:

Jim Berling with J W Berling Engineering Company
                             phone: 859-331-9191   fax: 859-344-7422

Building Inspector and Zoning consultant: 

Planning and Development Services of Kenton County
                                                       phone: 859-331-8980   fax: 859-578-7964