Peddlers, Solicitors, & Itinerant Merchants License

In order to operate as a peddler, itinerant merchant or solicitor within  the City of Crestview Hills an application for licensing is required by Ordinance 1971-3-1 prior to engaging in any related business related activity.

Application for the license requires completion of the application, a $5 registration fee; and obtaining a City of Crestview Hills Business License. 

Please note that the following information is required as part of the application process: two letters of recommendation from city residents or persons conducting permanent business within the City of Crestview Hills and a copy of all printed advertising to be used in the solicitation.  Additionally, if you are going to be conducting door to door sales/solicitations, you need to provide a letter of  authorization from the company for which you, the applicant, will be conducting business.

After you submit the application package, we will arrange a time for you, the applicant, to have your fingerprints and a photograph taken.  Upon receipt of the final completed application, the City will perform an investigation of the applicant, including criminal background and business reputation. 

Hours of solicitation are restricted to 10:00 am - to sunset but no later than 7:30 pm local time.
This process may take up to ten (10) business days for a decision to approve or deny the application.

Please complete the application here, Peddlers, Solicitors, & Itinerant Merchants License Application.