Code Enforcement Board

The City of Crestview Hills maintains numerous regulations governing the maintenance of property and other potential nuisance conditions.  Nuisance enforcement is managed by City Staff with support from the staff of the Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (PDS). 

The City has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code governing the upkeep of all properties in the community.  A full version of the Code can be found by clicking International Property Maintenance Code.  Typical maintenance issues might include peeling paint, broken windows, impaired roofs, or other basic building maintenance issues.

In addition to the property maintenance code, the City also regulates other nuisances including the following items:

  • Dangerous trees or stacks adjoining a public right of way
  • Accumulation of rubbish
  • Storage of explosives (The City also has a separate code regulating fireworks)
  • high weeds and grass (grass that is measured higher than 12 inches in considered a nuisance)
  • Open wells, pits or excavations
  • Trees or shrubbery obstructing the public right of way
  • Keeping of animals
  • The storage of vehicles in an inoperable condition, scrap metal or junk
  • Feeding of ducks, geese and other wild animals

If a property owner is found to be in violation of an identified nuisance or has a property maintenance issue, they will be notified by the City of the nuisance or maintenance issue and allowed at least five (5) days to correct the violation.  (More time may be allotted depending on nature of remedy.)

 The City is a member of the Kenton County Code Enforcement Board.  If the violation is not resolved, the property owner will be cited and a fine issued.  Fines may range from $10 to $100 per day.  The property owner may appeal the citation to the Code Enforcement Board.  Failure to pay the fine will result in a lien placed on the property by the City.  The lien may also include all City costs for remediation and administrative costs.

For more information of the City’s Nuisance Code, click here to read the full text of the Ordinance.