Citizens Police Academy

Lakeside Park – Crestview Hills Police Department

Citizens Police Academy

Citizens’ Police Academies have become a nationally proven method of developing an environment where the public can learn more about their local police department in an interesting and unique way.  Since the instructors are the officers, the participants are afforded with the opportunity to get to know those officers, thereby fostering a healthy dialogue between the community and the police department.

The Lakeside Park – Crestview Hills Police Department held its first ever Citizens’ Police Academy in 2014.  Eighteen citizens participated in this academy and were presented with the opportunity to gain insight into some of the different facets of law enforcement and gave the occasion for a positive community department interaction.

We are offering this academy again beginning in March.  As with our first academy, participants will be afforded a distinctive opportunity to gain insight into the many different aspects of law enforcement.  Our Citizens’ Police Academy is a seven week program, consisting of meetings one night a week.  Some of the topics include:    

  • Introduction to Policing
  • Patrol Operations
  • Legal Procedure
  • Investigations
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • DUI & Drugs
  • Special Operations
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Firearms
  • Community Policing
  • Crimes against people

These sessions will provide the participants the ability to gain first-hand knowledge of a variety of topics that encompass modern day policing.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about your local law enforcement.

For more information please contact 859-331-5368.