Privacy Policy

General Website Usage

The privacy of citizens of the City of Crestview Hills and visitors while using our website is of the utmost importance. To protect that privacy, this website is certified with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This protocol encrypts communications and transactions.

No personal information of any kind is collected when users interact with the website. The only information that may be collected is email addresses of those communicating with city staff, users’ IP addresses, which pages each user accesses, and information provided voluntarily through surveys, etc. This information is not sold or distributed in any way to a third party. Please be aware that this website is subject to applicable public records laws.


When accessing the City’s website, your computer hard drive automatically saves small pieces of information, called cookies, containing information about the usage of the website, the user’s browser information, and the date. These are intended to improve customer service and are not threatening to your privacy. This information is for purely analytical purposes and will not be distributed in any way. Please note that your browser settings can be changed to prevent cookies from being stored.

Online Payments

Beginning in the fall of 2017, residents of Crestview Hills are able to make online payments for property taxes and parking citations. The City utilizes a third party platform (Convenient Payments, LLC) to collect and process payments. While the platform is accessible through the City’s website, you are redirected to a secure Convenient Payments website for all payment transactions. Please consult the privacy policy of this website for further information. It is accessible via the “Pay Now” button on the Crestview Hills website and selection of Privacy Policy once redirected or via the following link:

Social Media

The City of Crestview Hills employs the use of a Facebook account to promote events and activities to a broad audience. All communications through this account will remain professional in nature and are subject to best practices standards. Only authorized staff will publish content onto Facebook with this account. Failure to behave in a professional or ethical manner may result in your account being blocked from the City’s account. Please be aware that interactions on social media platforms such as Facebook are public and permanent and may be subject to public records laws.

General Security Tips

The following tips are recommended by the Kentucky Department for Local Government:

  • Never put your credit card number or other personal information in unencrypted email.
  • Before you enter your sensitive information into any website make sure the browser connection is secure by verifying that the URL contains “https://”. A lock symbol in the bottom right corner of the browser window may also be used.
  • Make sure you are not using an old web browser.
  • Keep your web browser up-to-date by installing security patches or upgrading to a new version on a regular basis.

Other tips:

  • Do not click on links unless you are certain where it will lead you and that the source is trustworthy. With the exception of our online payment vendor we will never redirect you from our website. Any redirection to another site could be via malicious malware on your computer.
  • Always be cautious when login, financial, and personal information are entered.