Architectural Review Board


The Architectural Review Board meets as needed.

About the Board

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) was created by the Crestview Hills City Council to review proposed accessory structures classified as “outdoor entertainment buildings” in the City’s Zoning Code.  The Board consists of five citizen members with backgrounds pertinent to design and construction, including architecture, engineering, real estate, landscaping, and construction.  The Board is appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.  

The Board is tasked with evaluating plans for the construction of outdoor entertainment buildings in residentially zoned properties.  The ARB will evaluate issues of architectural consistency with the main structure as well as landscape buffering of the structure.  

Decisions of the ARB to deny approval of the outdoor entertainment building may be appealed to the City’s Board of Adjustment.  All appeals will be based on the records of the proceedings of the ARB, and no new facts or testimony will be allowed in the BOA review process.


  • Scott Hull - Chair
  • David Thiel
  • Joan Wurtenberger
  • Rich Heirich

Members serve four year staggered terms.

Board Documents